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Maplewood Rooms, Part 2: Second Floors

Updated: May 14

As a continuation from the earlier blog about 1st floor remodels of Maplewood Rooms (sunrooms or 3-season rooms), I wanted to describe some of the challenges of either a) Remodeling existing 2nd floor Maplewood rooms, OR b) creating second floor additions above 1st floor Maplewood rooms. I have included some of our completed projects to illustrate.

Remodeling Existing 2nd Floor Maplewood Rooms

If you are fortunate enough to have a 2nd floor sunroom and would like to make better use of it than its current function, these spaces can make great master baths, closets or offices/sitting rooms.

Maplewood Room remodel, vaulted ceiling, casement windows

With master baths and walk-in closets being at the top of most homeowners' lists of desired improvements, an existing sunroom can be a great way to get those coveted spaces. For bathrooms, access to plumbing - drain lines and supply lines - is critical. In this first example (left) in Verona, NJ, a 2nd floor sitting room/closet area was transformed to be the main master bedroom. The flat ceiling was opened up to create a vaulted ceiling.

Barnett Design Build Construction, Sean Raneiri photography.

In this next remodel in Maplewood, a large beam was added between the 2nd floor existing bedroom and the 2nd floor sunroom. The wall between was removed and the large new space became the master bedroom, with the bathroom created adjacent to the existing family bath. Michael Davis construction.

2nd Floor Additions above Existing Maplewood Rooms

It is very common that Maplewood rooms (sunrooms) are only a single story. When this is the case, a second story addition may be a great solution to get that additional space for a bathroom, walk-in closet or office. Zoning laws are important to consider. The existing first floor space may be over a side-yard setback. If this is the case, the zoning official in your municipality may not allow an addition over this space without applying for a variance.

In this example in Maplewood, a master bathroom suite and walk-in closet were added above an existing first floor Maplewood room. MACS construction, In-House Photography.

In this last example in Summit (below), a master bedroom suite was added above an existing first floor space. This was an example in which a zoning variance was required.

Murphy Construction, In-House Photography

Do you have a Maplewood room in your home?


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