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5 steps to a Building Permit set of drawings


1: Zoning What is my home's "buildable" envelope or footprint for anticipated additions/extensions, decks or patios?

We research your town’s zoning rules before starting any other design services; this gives you the "buildable envelope" for your home.

2: Existing Conditions (As-Builts) What am I starting with?

Exhaustive measurements, photos and drawings of your current home and property to capture the structure, finishes, mechanical and electrical elements. 

Steps 1 & 2 are a fixed fee between $1,800 and $4,000 depending on size & complexity of home and desired project scope.

3: Wish List – What do I need? What do I want? What do I like?, and How do I live?

A thorough, detailed discussion with you and your family to determine the goals of the project and your preferences. The resulting write-up (Project Requirements Summary) becomes the foundation from which we will design your project.

4: Schematic Design – Wow!

We develop several designs to meet your needs and hopefully “wow” you with innovative concepts and ideas. You should anticipate several discussions and design iterations as we get to the final schematic design. In this phase we also provide estimated construction costs and a comprehensive list of the required products and specifications (quantities of tile, counters, cabinets, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc.)

Steps 3 &4 are a fixed fee between $3,500 and $12,500, depending on the scope of the project and how many alternative schemes are desired.

5: Construction Drawings  – What drawings do I need for a competitive bid from contractors or for a building permit?

Construction Drawings are a detailed set of “directions” to build your home project with drawings and words (sometimes called "house plans" or "blueprints"). These enable contractors to provide a competitive bid and municipalities to issue building permits with one of our partner's New Jersey Architectural embossed seal and signature. We will also conduct site visits several times once construction begins.

Step 5 is a percentage of construction (5 -15%)  - smaller projects have higher percentages. We can also provide a fixed fee for this step.

Additional Services

Home Purchase Consulting: Assistance, consultation, walk-through, and home assessment with prospective homeowners who are interested in a particular property. 

Interior Design Services: We select  fixtures, finishes, and products.

Zoning Variance:  Consultation, drawing preparation and professional representation at Zoning Board of Adjustments and Planning Board meetings.

3D Digital Modeling: Enables clients to visualize proposed spaces; also allows us to visualize potential lighting fixtures, tile, wall patterns, etc. 

Bidding & Negotiation: We distribute Bid Set drawings, conduct walk-throughs with General Contractors & Subcontractors, collect and compare the bid submissions, and provide guidance on the construction contract.

Project Management: Hands-on project management during the construction process above and beyond the site visits included in Construction Support.

These services are done on an hourly basis; we can provide an hourly estimate prior to initiating any service.


Architect review/consultation: $310     

Design:  $205                                          

Project Management:  $150                  

Drafting/Administrative:  $95          

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