General Design Services - 5 steps


1: Zoning Analysis – Find out your city’s zoning rules before you start any other design services.

2: Existing Conditions – What are you starting with? Measurement, analysis and drawings of your current home. and property.

3: Needs Analysis – Interview and discussion with you and your family to determine what you want and need.

4: Schematic Design – Design ideas to meet your needs and hopefully “wow” you with innovative concepts and ideas.

5: Construction Documents (CDs) & Support – A set of “directions” to build your home project with drawings and words (house plans). These enable contractors to provide a competitive bid and municipalities to issue building permits. Basic construction support includes multiple site visits.

Additional Design Services

3D Digital Modeling:  Enables clients to visualize proposed spaces; also allows us to visualize potential lighting fixtures, tile, wall patterns, etc. 

Bidding & Negotiation:  We distribute Bid Set drawings, conduct walk-throughs with General Contractors & Subcontractors, collect and compare the bid submissions, and provide guidance on the construction contract.

DIY Consulting: We can work with qualified clients (other architects, general contractors and very knowledgeable homeowners) to provide professional consultation on projects.


Home Purchase Consulting: Assistance, consultation and walk-through with prospective homeowners who are interested in a particular property. 


Product Selection:  We select  fixtures, finishes, and products.

Project Management:  Hands-on project management during the construction process above and beyond the site visits included in Construction Support.