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More Mudrooms

Mudrooms continue to be one of the most desired elements when homeowners do a addition or remodel. The items needed for busy families add up. Briefcases, sports equipment, yoga mats, musical instruments, backpacks, electronics, shoes, and umbrellas can overwhelm entrance areas. When winter hats, coats, gloves, etc. get added to the mix...well, you get the picture, and the picture can be very messy. Older homes often have coat closets near the front door, but that is rarely enough to hold everything. Also, if the most used entry into the home is from the back door, many items simply end up stashed against a wall in the kitchen or family room. With adequate planning and design, generous mudrooms can be a great option for storing all of these items as well as for providing a more pleasing entrance into the home.

The first project in Maplewood, NJ leveraged an existing sunroom to create a new entrance and mudroom. A pair of French doors open onto the dining room/kitchen addition & remodel. AMA Contractors, Laura Molina kitchen design, In House Photography.

The next project in Summit, NJ combines the mudroom with a sunny new back entrance, conveniently located off of the kitchen addition (below). JMOC Builders, Heidi Piron Design & Cabinetry, Peter Rymwid Photography.

The next project in South Orange, NJ takes over part of a 2-car garage. As is the case for many older homes in our area, the sizes of garage stalls are insufficient for many cars. This homeowner opted for a more generous single car garage, providing a spacious mudroom and storage room in the other bay just off the kitchen.

This project had another advantage of moving the garage entrance from the back of the house to the front, removing several hundred square feet of asphalt as a result. Kasdan Construction, & Management In House Photography.

This next mudroom in South Orange, NJ merges into a butler's pantry with access to the kitchen and formal dining room (Tillou Construction).

Our final mudroom example in Montclair, NJ is located between the garage and the kitchen/dining area and includes a dog washing station. Murphy General Contractors, In House Photography.

If you are planning a remodel or addition, you are likely thinking about including a mudroom. Make sure to consider:

  • your daily routines for coming & going, trash/recycling, and circulation when entertaining.

  • access to a 1/2 bath, or utility sink/laundry area.

  • your family's storage needs for items that need to be picked up and dropped off at the door.

  • desired access to other interior spaces

  • how open or closed off you want the mudroom to be relative to other spaces; if open, you may want to consider storage cabinets with doors.

Questions? Let's discuss your mudroom options., 973-735-3027.

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