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Home Purchase Consulting

Are you purchasing a home? Many prospective homeowners have a lot of questions about renovation options when making a home purchase. With our primary focus on residential remodeling and our construction background, we provide you with unparalleled advice at this stage of, perhaps, your most important purchase and help you to see the unrealized value of your next home.  Our fee of $150 per hour is partially deducted from design fees for future work*.

Assessment includes:

  1. Zoning data. What are the required set-backs, lot coverage limits, height limits and usage limits exist for your property?

  2. Zoning analysis. If a current property survey exists, we can determine the set-backs and calculate the existing lot coverage to see if you are able to expand your prospective home, add an accessory building or make changes to the drive or curb

  3. General construction cost estimates. With our experience of being former residential contractors as well as our current broad network of active and local general contractors, we can provide rough estimates of home improvements and alterations

  4. Design and prioritization recommendations. We can provide general design ideas and help you prioritize your list of projects

Home Purchase Consulting Process and Output

Once you have a house in mind, we can quickly determine the zoning information and meet with you at the location to walk tour the house, visually inspect to determine problems and opportunities and review your proposed programmatic requirements. We then prepare a write-up to document our findings, provide follow up answers to questions, and prepare a site analysis. A home purchase consultation is extremely useful for clients who wish to purchase fixer-uppers. When applying for a 203k loan as part of the home mortgage, decisions about home remodeling and/or additions must be made well before the home purchase. With our background in historic remodeling and our association with local contractors, we help make your new home become the home of your dreams.

*A portion of The Zoning Analysis would be deducted from the Home Analysis phase of a Design Contract.

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