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A zoning analysis is the first step in any residential design project. It is an analysis of your home’s property and the determination of what you can do with that property within the laws of your jurisdiction.

  • Calculate and designate your property set-backs, allowable building footprint and height allowance based on your property survey and municipal zoning ordinances*.  This is particularly important when planning an addition to determine if, in fact, you are even able to have an addition.

  • Determine your build-able area for an addition, deck or patio.

  • If you are adding additional living space indoors (finished attic/basement), determine if your municipality will allow an increase in Floor-Area-Ratio     

For homeowner’s looking to do this yourself, I have created  Zoning 101 for Homeowners.

Zoning Analysis
Zoning Information by Town
Note: Municipality zoning ordnances may change periodically; the list below is for reference, but municipalities should be contacted with any new project to confirm latest zoning ordinance changes.. 

Which County are you in?  BergenEssex, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, Union
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